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“Simmer Down: Or How God Teaches Us to be Patient”, Oct. 14, 2017, Rev. Christie Burns

“The Law that Revives the Soul”, Oct. 8, 2017, Rev. Reed Baer

“Finding Sabbath and Delight in Our Lives”, Oct. 7, 2017, Rev. Christie Burns

“On Going Creation”, Oct. 1, 2017, Rev. Reed Baer

“Down to the River to Pray”, Sept. 30, 2017, Rev. Christie Burns

“The Virtues of Staying in the Boat”, Sept. 24, 2017, Rev. Reed Baer

“The Power of One”, September 23, 2107, Rev. Nell Fields

“The Three R’s”, September 17, 2017, Rev. Charles L. Wildman

“Three Great Loves: The Love of Children”, September 10, 2017, Rev. Reed Baer

“Shelter From the Storm”, September 16, 2017, Rev. Christie Burns

“Rooted, Growing, Reaching Out”, September 9, 2017, Rev. Christie Burns

“Conformed or Transformed?”, August 27, 2017, Rev. David Powers

“Stones”, August 20, 2017, Rev. Connie Bickford

“Summer School & Sunday School”, August 13, 2017, Rev. Reed Baer


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