You may make an on-line payment to West Parish of Barnstable, either one-time or recurring, scheduled either for today or in the future.

After entering your name and address, phone number and email, please enter your payment amount, its purpose, and indicate whether your payment is a one-time or recurring payment.

For example, if you are setting up recurring tuition payments, you can set them up to be deducted on the 1st of each month and continuing through April 1st. Of course, we will accept your payment on any day!

For each payment, please enter the amount and purpose(s):

  • Pledge / Contribution – for unrestricted pledge payments or other unrestricted contributions
  • Deacons’ Fund – for contributions to the Deacons’ Fund, to be used by the Deacons for those in need
  • Flowers – for the donation of Sunday flowers, poinsettias, or Easter lilies
  • Family School Tuition – for Family School tuition or extended care
  • Special Offering – for a donation for a specific purpose, such as One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Sri Lanka, Thanksgiving or Easter offerings, etc. Please be sure to include the specific restriction in the blank space to the right of your donation amount.
  • Other – for anything else, such as memorial fund contributions, weddings, books, retreats, or other contributions. Please use the blank space to indicate the purpose of your payment.


You may also send an email to treasureratwestparishdotorg  (treasureratwestparishdotorg)   if you wish to clarify anything further about your contribution.

After entering your name, address, and contribution details, please click “Next.” You will then be asked for your Bank Routing Number. The Bank Routing Number is a series of numbers that can be found along the bottom left of your check.

Your contribution will be deducted from your bank account and electronically deposited into the church account. It’s convenient, efficient, and entirely paperless. You will receive an automatic confirmation via email. Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to email the office.

Thank you for your generous and faithful support of the mission and ministry of West Parish in Barnstable!

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