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Below are the most recent audio sermons for both the Saturday and Sunday services.

Click on the link to hear the sermon.

June 18, 2017. “Skinned Knees, Bloody Palms and Band-Aids”, Rev. Reed Baer

June 11, 2017, “Music as Pray-lude” (part 1), Rev. Reed Baer

June 11, 2017, “Music as Pray-lude” (part 2), Rev. Reed Baer

June 11, 2017, “Music as Praise” , Rev. Reed Baer

June 11, 2017, “Music as Proclamation”, Rev. Reed Baer

June 10, 2017, “To Bless and Be Blessed”, Rev. Christie Burns

June 4, 2017, “Final Instructions”, Rev. Bruce White

June 3, 2017, “Lessons from Our Pets”, Rev. Christine Burns

May 28, 2017, “Greater Love Hath No Man”, Rev. Reed Baer

May 27, 2017, “How Can We All Be One”, Rev. Christine Burns

May 21, 2017, “The Treasure Hunt of a Lifetime”, Rev. Reed Baer

May 20, 2017, “Jesus Leaves Us With an Advocate”, Rev. Christine Burns

May 14, 2017, “The Blessings of a Wider Church”, Rev. Reed Baer

May 13, 2017, “How Should the Church Respond to Domestic Violence?”, Rev. Christine Burns

May 7, 2017, “On Hunting and Spirituality” Rev. Reed Baer with Dan Enos and Matt Tooker

May 6, 2017, “Break Down the Prion Walls”, Rev. Christine Burns

April 29, 2017, “When We Are Silent, God Gets The Last Word”, Rev. Reed Baer

April 23, 2017, “Picking Up Butch”, Rev Reed Baer

April 22, 2017, “Doubt is a Good Thing”, Rev. Christine Burns

April 16, 2017, “But Wait, There’s More!”, Rev. Reed Baer, Easter Sunday

April 15, 2017, “The Women Sat Vigil at the Tomb”, Rev Christine Burns

April 2, 2017 “Bone Dry and Tapped Out”, Rev. Reed Baer

April 1, 2017 “Remove the Stone: Observing Grief”, Rev. Christine Burns

March 26, 2017 “But I Know One Thing for Sure”, Rev. Reed Baer

March 25, 2017 “Seeing with Our Hearts”, Rev. Christine Burns

March 19 ,2017 “Thirsty Business”, Rev. Connie Bickford

March 12, 2017 “As We Begin New Journeys”, Rev. Reed Baer

March 11, 2017 Christina SmithMarch 11, 2017 “Birthing Grace”, Rev. Christine Burns

March 5, 2017 “Introduction to readings; “Imposter” by J. Barrie Shepherd

March 5, 2017 “Blessing the Dust” by Jan Richardson

March 5, 2017 “On Ashes, or By Her Grave” by Reed Baer

Feb. 19, 2017 “Be-Attitudes #4: Be Perfect”, Rev. Reed Baer

Feb. 18, 2017 “Love Your Enemies”, Rev. Christine Burns

Feb. 12, 2017 “Be-Attitudes #3: A Matter of the Heart”, Rev. Reed Baer

Feb. 11, 2017 “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”, Rev. Reed Baer

Feb. 5, 2017 “Be-Attitudes #2: Couch Potatoes Need Not Apply”, Rev. Reed Baer

Feb. 4, 2017 “You’re Here to be Light”, Rev. Christie Burns

Jan. 29, 2017 “Be-Attitudes Seeing the World with New Eyes”, Rev. Reed Baer

Jan. 28, 2017 “Be-Attitudes”, Rev. Christie Burns

Jan. 22, 2017 “Racism Dies in the Valley”, T. J. Harper, MAC UCC Racial Justice Associate

Jan. 21, 2017 “When the Stars begin to Fall”, Rev. Reed Baer

Jan. 15, 2017 “Your Name”, Rev. Reed Baer

Jan. 14, 2017 “Star Gifts”, Rev. Christine Burns

Jan. 1, 2017 “Seeing the Face of God”, Rev, Charles Wildman



If there is a sermon that you’d like to hear that is not listed, please email Susan at contactatwestparishdotorg and she will send you the audio download.




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