It’s Saturday Let’s Do Church!

Here’s a video of the Saturday service and what we are all about!


Here are some reasons you and your family might want to check out our Saturday 4:30 afternoon service:

Co-lead by Christie Burns and Reed Baer (and yes, they are spouses!), they keep it moving and real.


You might like the contemporary music. This will not be your traditional church music.  Think guitar, think electric guitar, think the music you listen to on the car radio, think U2, think the Beatles, think Alison Krauss. Steve on guitar, Shawn on drums, Joni on vocals — way cool! (Pictured below is Steve with his uke!)sTEVE g

You might like the informality of this intergenerational service.  Geared for adults, teens, and children, lots of room for congregational participation, even short films to spark discussion.  Informal, but also deep. And shorter, perhaps 45 minutes start to finish.

It might fit your busy schedule – Sunday mornings are hard for many folk with children, what with soccer, football, and hockey practice and games, drama rehearsals, you name it. Saturday late afternoon might be an easier slot.

You might really need to be fed spiritually – and want the same for your children. Things are not easy these days – unemployment, the threat of unemployment, the challenge of raising one family while caring for aging parents, health issues, relationship problems, addictions, technological over-stimulation…. You — and your children — need to be refueled for the challenge. So give it a try. It might change your life!

Photo by Alan Belanich

Photo by Alan Belanich

You might want to check out our SATURDAY SCHOOL. The children are with us for much of the service, then go over to Jenkins Hall with Pastor Reed and adult assistant teachers for a church school class with a curriculum geared right to them.


Here are some photos from a service, attended by 80+ folk of all ages — with LOTS of newcomers!

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