Spiritual Growth


Woody Allen once quipped, “Relationships are like sharks – unless they keep moving forward, they die.”

Many believe that the spiritual life is just like that – that to keep our spiritual lives healthy and vital, we need to be refreshed and renewed, challenged and engaged, through grasping on-going spiritual growth opportunities.

The first opportunity is, of course, worship attendance, both at  Saturday and Sunday worship services and at special services throughout the year.  Through the practice of regular worship attendance — raising our voices together in song and prayer, attentive listening to ideas about the interplay between our circumstances today and God’s will for us (a.k.a., sermons), intentionally being together in the presence of God in times of hardship and celebration – we are shaped and formed spiritually.

But we can also grow spiritually in other ways. At West Parish, we currently have Bible Study, led by our pastor and  geared towards Bible Study newcomers as well as those who have enjoyed Bible Study before. It meets in the Guild Room on Mondays from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. We also have a book club (contact the pastor for details).

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